YPCC is an initiative started in 2011 by the Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC) and is aimed towards uniting students, their teachers and directors, and a core group of international senior experts to the exchange of information on coastal processes.

YPCC programme 2016

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Our initiative entails the establishment of an educational programme based on the 'Climate of Coastal Cooperation (CCC) book' in close cooperation with young professionals, experts and academia.  The educational programme "From Impacts of Global Change to Adaptive Responses" and stimulates students and young professionals to engage in a topic related to the impacts of climate change, specifically on 'their stretch of coast'. Participation in the programme also includes a lecture- and fieldwork-weekend on the Dutch Waddensea Isle of Ameland and the opportunity to present research during the YPCC workshop at the international Conference LITTORAL.

 Our programme 2018 provides:

  • An e-communication platform,
  • an international core group of experts performing as guest-lecturers (YPCC Mentor group),
  • and the continuation of EU supported ICZM (Integrated Coastal Zone Management) fieldwork.

Since 2011 we have created opportunities for students to participate in events that promote the sharing of knowledge between key experts and participate at international conferences. Now the YPCC is looking to further increase its network by adding more experts and universities, thereby increase the exchange of information and insights on the impacts of global change in coastal zones.

Below you can find the introductory video meant to inform students who wish to participation in our programme.

Full details on the YPCC programme 2018 can be found in our downloads section or by clicking here.