Works presented at LITTORAL 2012 workshop "Climate of Coastal Cooperation"

YPCC documents

  • YPCC brochure "Preparing to Adapt - Sharing Coastal Experiences with the YPCC" (download)
  • Be prepared to adapt "Climate of Coastal Cooperation" workshop, Maria Ferreira, Coastal & Marine Union - EUCC (download)
  • Lessons learned from the CCC production and involvement of a Young Professionals Coastal Community, Tjark van den Heuvel and Robbert Misdorp – CCC authors (download)

Student contribution

University of Applied Sciences VHL - Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

  • Presentation by VHL students about the opportunities of using 'Climate Buffers' in an integrated management approach (download)
  • VHL Student Report - 2013: “Management for Oldambt – Climate buffers as a means to cope with sea level rise” (download)

University College KHBO, Oostende and KU Leuven - Leuven, Belgium