II - Introduction

II-0 Asia as a fast developing and exposed continent

Robbert Misdorp
Chapter Introduction

II-1 Introductory Statement - Bangladesh

Introductory Statement
Md. Abu Taher Khandakar

II-1-1 Bangladesh's Vulnerability to Climate Change

Saleemal Huq, Mozaharul Alam
Summary --- Full Chapter

II-1-2 The stimulating role of NGOs

Ahmad Mohuddin, Atiq Rahman
Summary --- Full Chapter

II-1-3 Bangladesh ICZM efforts in practice

Rafiq Islam
Summary --- Full Chapter

II-1-4 Conclusions


II-2 China - Rapid rate of change in the coastal zone

II-2-1 Shanghai: from 'Black and Stink' to Suzhou clean Creek

Peter Kerssens, Chen Meifa
Summary --- Full Chapter

II-2-2 Yellow River Delta: Support for Sustainable Development

Leo de Vrees, Wang Zheng Bing, Marcel Marchand
Summary --- Full Chapter

II-2-3 CZM and Geosciences in the coastal zone

Yin Ping, He Qixiang, Jun Li, Cees Laban, Marit Brommer
Summary --- Full Chapter

II-2-4 Coastal urbanization and creating Eco-cities

Dick Kevelam, Peter Head, Frank de Graaf, James Wu
Summary --- Full Chapter

II-2-5 Conclusions


II-3 India - Integrated Management: concepts and practices

II-3-1 Interdisciplinary aproach to water management

Jayanta Bandyopadhyay
Summary --- Full Chapter

II-3-2 Decision support system for ICMAM

B.R. Subramaniam, Saskia Werners, Joop de Schutter, M.V. Ramana Murthy
Summary --- Full Chapter

II-3-3 Artificial reefs

J.K. Patterson Edward. Rob J. Leewis
Summary --- Full Chapter

II-3-4 Tropical cyclones and the added value of ICZM

Marcel Marchand, Peter Winchester
Summary --- Full Chapter

II-3-5 Coastal protection guidelines

Kees Dorst
Summary --- Full Chapter

II-3-6 Conclusions


II-4 Indonesia - sustainable restoration

II-4-1 Sustainable, post tsunami restoration of Aceh- Indonesia

Odelinde Nieuwenhuis, Ibrahim Salwa, Jeroen Alberts
Summary --- Full Chapter


II-5 Seychelles: The Pearl of Coastal Conservation & sustainability

II-5 Introductory Statement

Introductory Statement
James A. Michel - President of the Seychelles


II-5-1 Tsunami Mitigation- Nature Conservation pays off

Rolph Payet, Alain de Comarmond
Summary --- Full Chapter

II-6 Sri Lanka - The Asian country with the longest ICZM history

II-6-1 Sri Lanka: Decades of ICZM Experience

Dianeetha Sadacharan
Summary --- Full Chapter

II-6-2 Conclusions: Indonesia, Seychelles and Sri Lanka


II-7 Thailand - Aquaculture and fisheries in an ICZM frame

II-7-1 Thai aquaculture: lessons for shrimp farming

Somsak Boromthanarat, Rob Leewis, Robbert Misdorp
Summary --- Full Chapter

II-7-2 Fisheries and co-management in practice

Yves Henocque, Sanchai Tandavanitj
Summary --- Full Chapter

II-7-3 Conclusions


II-8 Vietnam: Holistic approach for coastal problems

II-8-0 Introductory Statement

Introductory Statement
Pham Khoi Nguyen, the Minister of Natural Resources & Environment, Vietnam

II-8-1 Vietnam: two decades of Coastal Cooperation

Hua Chien Thang, Robbert Misdorp, Harrie Laboyrie, Hans Pos, Rien van Zetten, Nguyen Ngoc Huan
Summary --- Full Chapter

II-8-2 Remote Sensing applications in TTHue province

Tran Dinh Lan, Tom Bucx, Robbert Misdorp
Summary --- Full Chapter

II-8-3 Awareness raising through an educational program

Marta Vahtar, Le Van Thu, Le Thi Anh Dao, Pham Toan, Robbert Misdorp
Summary --- Full Chapter

II-8-4 Integrated knowledge for quality advise in the TTHue Province

Mindert de Vries, Ton That Phap, Le Van Thu, Thi The Nguyen, Robbert Misdorp
Summary --- Full Chapter

II-8-5 Capacity Building: Hydraulics and Coastal Engineering

Gerrit Jan Schiereck, Vu Minh Cat, Marcel Stive, Robbert Misdorp
Summary --- Full Chapter

II-8-6 Capacity building and training for ICZM

Marcel Marchand, Ho Yen Thu, HJ Verhagen
Summary --- Full Chapter

II-8-7 Conclusion


II-9 Synthesis Part II - Asia

Gerrit Baarse, Robbert Misdorp
Synthesis Part II: Asia